Welcome to the Ohio Retired Police Chiefs Associations web site. The general purpose and objectives of this Association shall be to (1) promote, perform and build an official and mutual friendship between the members; (2) to provide assistance, advice to members seeking employment when requested; (3) to provide guidance to a members surviving spouse, surviving family members concerning benefits available when requested; (4) to support Homeland Security for the United States and all the military, federal, state and local agencies contributing to this security; (5) upon request seek ways to improve the delivery of Homeland Security to those we serve. (6) to support the efforts of Active Police Chiefs Associations that are supporting the advancement of the Police profession; (7) upon request make available the many years of law enforcement command experience of the members to others; (8) to support a criminal justice outstanding student program in local Ohio colleges if funds are obtained; (9) to preserve the history of chiefs of police and their service to the residents of municipalities., villages and townships in the state of Ohio. To preserve their records of progress and professionalism as they continually strive to meet the needs of the public they serve.

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